India increase the investment in Africa till 10 billion dollars : modi

Gandhinagar Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured the friendship of India and Africa in the annual conference of the Africa Development Bank, along with centuries of friendship and increase the investment of India to Africa to 10 billion dollars. In the last 3 years of Modi’s achievements as a government, the government has given a fillip to gas subsidies, to improve the railway highway, to overcome inflation and to increase the investment and GDP growth.
In the annual conference of the African Development Bank held at Gandhinagar Mahatma Mandir, Prime Minister Modi said that many Gujaratis including Gandhiji fought the rights there. He said that in Gujarati, Gujaratis are trading with centuries, they are proud to be Indians with Gujarati. Modi mentioned the relations of the cities, languages ​​and trade of India and Africa, while mentioning the same challenges before both countries, he said that even when nobody else was ready to see Africa, India supported it and today He is also ready to accompany the African countries with his shoulders and should support them in every trouble. He said that african countries were given priority in foreign and economic policies after May 2014 at the Center. Before 2015, they visited 6 African countries of South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles. President of Namibia Ghana Ivory and Vice President visited 7 countries including Morocco Tunisia Nigeria. Modi told the infrastructure, highway, railway, power and gas pipeline as the priority of his government in India. He said that India is moving forward with its political will and is ready to become partner in the development of its friendly countries
Modi said that his government opened 280 million bank accounts for the development of the poor, where the rich and business people used to go, the doors of those banks were also opened for the poor. Describing the Bio-Metric Aadhaar card as a big achievement, Modi said that the government’s money does not go to the hands of the wrong people and also directly subsidizes the people’s account. Neem coating of urea stopped the illegal use of its industries. His involvement with the professional people in the administration turned away and the benefit of the people’s welfare program started to meet people.


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